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imited production color variation model of the handy recorder “H1n”

Limited production color variation model
Color: Blue

Full-scale XY stereo microphone mounted in a compact body of palm size
simple operation high-quality sound recorder “H1n” of
Limited production color variation model

in anyone simple handle with ease operation, stereo XY system clear the sound image localization of the front, rear, left and right recording can be performed, best-selling model “H1” is renewal of the ZOOM Handy Recorder. Musical performances and live concerts, of course, live recording and of natural sounds, also available as an external voice recorder of the single-lens reflex camera (DSLR), in WAV or MP3 format of up to 24bit / 96kHz, three-dimensional stereo sound image with excellent realism it is possible to record a.

In “H1n”, corresponding to the Japanese display settings menu, overdubbing (Kasanerokuri) is also possible. In addition to the input level that can be adjusted quickly and intuitively with a dedicated knob, it can also be automatically adjusted by auto level function. In addition, equipped with a USB audio interfa

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