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AGA SC-60W Bluetooth Acoustic Guitar Amp

Output Power:60W(RMS),

Woofer:6.5(inch) 4(ohm) Tweeter3(inch),

350(W) * 280(H) * 220(D) mm,

Power Consumption: 95W.

1/4″ jack for instrument input.

Use the gain knob to set the signal level for the instrument input.

Treble, Middel and Bass frequency level control. 

Controls the depth of two seperate chorus presets.

Effect level control of reverb. 

Control the amount of digital reverb in the instrument channel of INPUT.

Use the Phase switch to improve bass at low volume and suppress feedback at high volumes. 

1/4 “jack for instrument input and MIC jack for instrument input. 

Use the gain knob to set the signal level for the Microphone input. 

Plug in a line level stereo audio source such as a CD or MP3 player in this input. 

Both inputs may be used at the same time. 

They are stereo (TRS) inputs, however the left and right are mixed to mono.

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