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Genuine JamHub Accessories!

The JamHub was awarded Best of Show at the 2009 Summer NAMM Show, and for good reason! This silent rehearsal solution gives bands the means to practice without bothering parents, neighbors, siblings, roommates — pretty much anyone who doesn’t enjoy your music as much as you do! The Stereo Cable Kit gives you five 12-foot cables purpose-built for connecting your gear to your JamHub. Also included are 14 color-coded rings to help you easily identify the cables that are connected to the JamHub.

JamHub Stereo Cable Kit Features:

  • Five 12 foot stereo cables for connecting modelers to the JamHub
  • 14 color coded rings for identifying cables
  • Male TRS 1/4″ to Male TRS 1/4″

Genuine accessories for your JamHub!

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